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I was born and raised in Verona, Italy. In 1997 I've got a degree in Political Sciences at University of Padua, but despite that I decided to carry on working in the entertainment industry as a stage technician, and then I sunk deeper into photography.
I'm a self-taught photographer from Italy now based in Oman. My istinct is very simple: I have a basic mechanical knowledge of the operation of the instrument - I mean any camera - and I got an imagination and when the time comes up in any circumstance of my life to play a solo like a guitarist it's me against the law of nature. I truly don't know what i'm gonna photograph. I know roughly how long I have to do it and it's a play, a dance, a performing meditation state in which I have a piece of time I'm filling with something I love and feel and depending on how intuitive the rythm of my play is I can do things that are literally impossibile for me in other situations of my ordinary life.




Qurum, Muscat




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